Break their hearts and have no mercy ..

3218_1141474775571_4613414_nThere are many things that can break us: unrequited love, loss of a friend, death of a family member, or something much more simpler like being left behind. Sometimes we hold onto pain, onto heartache, onto anger and memories for too long.

And we forget, easily forget, as much as it takes from us, it also gives. It gives us the courage to tell the truth, the confidence to move on, it teaches us how to be patient and how importnat is to giving back after a lifetime of taking. Everything that can break us remind us of the journey we’ve taken. The loved ones who traveled alongside of us. Those we lost along the way. And those who are yet to come..


About Sig

Her days flew like the wind; for when she wasn't studying lessons, she was fond of building castles in the air, and dreaming of the time when something she had done would make her famous, so that everybody would hear of her, and want to know her. I don't think she had made up her mind what this wonderful thing was to be.
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